A need to take health more seriously in the Workplace

Workplace absences have hit their highest level in over a decade, according to a report which is urging employers to take health more seriously if they want to retain staff. The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) said that analysis of data from over 900 companies employing 6.5 million staff found an average 7.8Continue reading “A need to take health more seriously in the Workplace”

Celebrating Chaplaincy – together at Peterborough Cathedral

On September 16th we attended a special Evensong at Peterborough Cathedral dedicated to “Celebrating Chaplaincy”. Over 20 Chaplains from across Cambs and from different settings attended with networking and refreshments afterwards. At the service a booklet was launched on:“Chaplaincy in Peterborough” which has been compiled and edited by Professor Paul Ballard (former trustee of CWC) using experiencesContinue reading “Celebrating Chaplaincy – together at Peterborough Cathedral”

Working with grief and loss in our role as chaplains

As chaplains we meet people at challenging times in their lives, facing the illness or death of someone they are close to or indeed facing their own mortality. We meet people who through a variety of circumstances have lost home or job or relationships. The foundations of their lives have shifted, and they have yetContinue reading “Working with grief and loss in our role as chaplains”


It’s that time again. The queuing at airport check-in time. The stuck-in traffic time. The over-heated kids time. Yes, holidays are coming or, even, looming ahead! Looked forward to and quite possibly dreaded in equal measure. And especially in the light of recent inability to travel and the threat of industrial action of various types, things could be evenContinue reading “Holidays!”

Behind the figures – long-term sickness and ability to work

As Alastair Reid covered last month, the post-pandemic world is very different and we’re still uncovering aspects that are a hang-over if you like, or a lag in seeing the effects from a data point of view. But behind statistics is a much more diverse picture. Take the news this week that ‘Long-term sickness leavingContinue reading “Behind the figures – long-term sickness and ability to work”

A Celebration of Chaplaincy Evensong 16 Sep 2023

Sat 16th September 3:30pm: A Celebration of Chaplaincy Evensong (at Peterborough Cathedral) About: Join us at a special celebratory service at Peterborough Cathedral as part of Evensong with a visiting Choir. All Chaplains from across Cambridgeshire are warmly welcomed along with supporters of CWC’s work. Refreshments and a chance to network will be offered afterwards;Continue reading “A Celebration of Chaplaincy Evensong 16 Sep 2023”

Wellbeing. Wellbeing, Wellbeing

Could be forgiven for admitting that our wellbeing seems to be a subject in which we should all be actively engaging. Could also be said that the marketing is targeted at the reasonably well off.But in our country (as in others) there are a majority with no voice and very few resources and are unlikelyContinue reading “Wellbeing. Wellbeing, Wellbeing”

Should Mental Health First Aid become Law?

A new law requiring businesses to offer mental health first aid training has been presented to parliament. As stated in the press in January; Tory MP Dean Russell told the Commons the move will lead to more people spotting the early signs of mental health issues in the workplace. Many businesses already offer mental healthContinue reading “Should Mental Health First Aid become Law?”

Confusion in the workforce and in the economy

Today , I’m considering the various economic stats and business news that I have seen and tried to comprehend within the strictures of not being an economist but having some business experience.  We all know about inflation, we only have to look at our food bills. The same inflationary pressures are affecting every business, wageContinue reading “Confusion in the workforce and in the economy”

The pursuit of a meaningful life

The World Economics Forum recently shared the results of a study that examined happiness across 12 countries, and found that the pursuit of a meaningful life was universally important. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report, employee wellbeing is the new imperative for employers. Several prominent companies have appointed “chief happiness officers“, and theContinue reading “The pursuit of a meaningful life”