The Chaplain as an Active Listener

I work as a chaplain in an NHS acute care setting.  Recently a colleague from another profession complimented us as a chaplaincy group by saying: ‘You always know what to say to people and what to tell them’.  Although grateful for the positive feedback we all responded in unison; ‘No. Our job is not toContinue reading “The Chaplain as an Active Listener”

Seriously Troubling Times

By Alastair Reid, Chair, CWC Life is always unpredictable but there are elements of stability which we rely on and make our lives that bit more manageable. It is hardly a surprise that the situation in Ukraine would have far reaching effects. We’ve experienced the immediate effects on fuel, we are now beginning to seeContinue reading “Seriously Troubling Times”

How was it for you?

By Canon Professor Clive Morton, Vice Chair (Peterborough) CWC As I write this we have had an announcement from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, proclaiming the end of Covid restrictions with an aspiration of ‘returning to normal’. A time for celebration, wariness or reflection? Probably all three! CWC trustees have been discussing how we can captureContinue reading “How was it for you?”

Humans and Resilience

By Alastair Reid, CWC Apparently September has been one of the warmest since records began, thank goodness after a disappointing August. Now we’re dealing with the stark complications caused by political dogma and intransigence in dealing with, among other issues, the supply chain. I spoke about pressure and stress last time, pressure and stress are part ofContinue reading “Humans and Resilience”

Where to Now?

By Paul Hills, Vice-Chair, CWC We seem to be in a strange position in work and in life generally at present.  The pandemic is still here, but things seem to be easing.  The lockdown has been handed over to personal action, but what does that mean in reality?  Are we getting back to work “normally” orContinue reading “Where to Now?”

Creating a conducive workplace for staff wellbeing

By Peter Thatcher, Treasurer, CWCAs more and more organisations are planning for their employees to return to the workplace on a more regular basis, time is likely to be well spent thinking about the work environment that their employees will return to. Much has been written and discussed over the past few months about employeeContinue reading “Creating a conducive workplace for staff wellbeing”

Online seminars and workshops:

Wellbeing topics, reflection, chaplaincy and more… Here is a selection of online events (July – autumn) that we spotted are coming up which may interest supporters and Chaplains alike; covering a range of topics relevant to work, spirituality and more. Ageing and spirituality  3rd July (there is a registration fee to attend)Faced with the norm ofContinue reading “Online seminars and workshops:”

The Past is a Different Country

Today, as November ends and December begins, across the UK the numbers of people affected by COVID19 have been rising dramatically. Even now, we are hoping the recent lockdown may have slowed the spread of the virus. While the emergence of possible vaccines is giving us some cautious reason for optimism, we know that itContinue reading “The Past is a Different Country”

The Place where I work…

It sounds simple enough. The place where I work. My workplace. We used to say this in a matter of fact statement in a conversation, and often it involved a physical description; a description of an organisation, based in a town, a specific industry, business park or office perhaps. Of course, if you’re working inContinue reading “The Place where I work…”

What do we do now?

What do we do now? With the Covid-19 crisis there are plenty of restrictions on what chaplains can and cannot do.  What do you do when a lot of people are “home-working”?  How do you help those being furloughed or even made redundant?  Things have eased up somewhat, but as I write, there is talkContinue reading “What do we do now?”