Online seminars and workshops:

Wellbeing topics, reflection, chaplaincy and more… Here is a selection of online events (July – autumn) that we spotted are coming up which may interest supporters and Chaplains alike; covering a range of topics relevant to work, spirituality and more. Ageing and spirituality  3rd July (there is a registration fee to attend)Faced with the norm ofContinue reading “Online seminars and workshops:”

Love @ Work

It could be a slogan for Work Chaplaincy. But it isn’t! It’s the title of a book about the 100 years of the Industrial Christian Fellowship (Love@Work – Ian Randall, Phil Jump, John Weaver – DLT – 2020).  Its forerunners, the Navvy Mission Society (1877) and the Christian Social Union (1889) joined together in 1920 to becomeContinue reading “Love @ Work”

Chaplaincy and Contemporary Spirituality

I was privileged on behalf of CWC to join a Zoom Chaplaincy Conference in November run by Norwich Chaplaincy with the above title. It was led by Rev Dr Andrew Todd, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology, Anglia Ruskin University. I found it challenging on the role of chaplaincy andContinue reading “Chaplaincy and Contemporary Spirituality”

The Past is a Different Country

Today, as November ends and December begins, across the UK the numbers of people affected by COVID19 have been rising dramatically. Even now, we are hoping the recent lockdown may have slowed the spread of the virus. While the emergence of possible vaccines is giving us some cautious reason for optimism, we know that itContinue reading “The Past is a Different Country”

The Place where I work…

It sounds simple enough. The place where I work. My workplace. We used to say this in a matter of fact statement in a conversation, and often it involved a physical description; a description of an organisation, based in a town, a specific industry, business park or office perhaps. Of course, if you’re working inContinue reading “The Place where I work…”

What do we do now?

What do we do now? With the Covid-19 crisis there are plenty of restrictions on what chaplains can and cannot do.  What do you do when a lot of people are “home-working”?  How do you help those being furloughed or even made redundant?  Things have eased up somewhat, but as I write, there is talkContinue reading “What do we do now?”

Faith in Work

What has been the experience of Christians in the Workplace?  Clive Morton, CWC Vice-Chair for Peterborough, has been working with Paul Ballard (former trustee) and Rev John Rackley, past president of the Baptist Union, on a project to discover the faith experience of Christians in the workplace, and offers this summary of methodology and findingsContinue reading “Faith in Work”

Thanks to the pandemic women are being adversely affected in many areas of their lives

Jane Thompson looks at the different evidence emerging and how it affects the workforce and asks is the essential nature of caregiving now being realised? You may have read various articles recently documenting how women are being hit hardest during Covid-19. Being female, a working Mother and one who has been juggling homeschooling since FebruaryContinue reading “Thanks to the pandemic women are being adversely affected in many areas of their lives”

Survey results from Workplace Chaplains and Supporters

Thank you to all our workplace chaplains, supporters and religious leaders who gave up two minutes of their time to give us feedback on our service. Since our launch event in early 2018 we were reassured to see Chaplains in particular still wanted the range of support we are offering (or planning to offer) includingContinue reading “Survey results from Workplace Chaplains and Supporters”

Bursary Fund for Workplace Chaplains

CWC are pleased to announce a new Bursary Fund for workplace chaplains to apply to. Purpose of the Fund: The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support to chaplains who are seeking to attend a conference, training course or retreat that will enhance their ministry as workplace chaplains. Eligibility: Any chaplain who isContinue reading “Bursary Fund for Workplace Chaplains”