For all without exception

By Jane Thompson, CWC

I’ve recently been at a couple of events with CWC that I think shows the huge breadth that supporting others at work covers. Supporting someone at work can cover so many areas and often practical ‘training’ spring to mind instantly. But if we said ‘Supporting someone in life’ the enormity (and power) of this statement is clear.

Workplace Chaplains have to keep an open mind and a commitment to embrace all types of people, beliefs, conversations and challenges. I recently read a description of ‘For all without exception’ when reading an article about different types of chaplaincy and I really like this phrase.

The title of the article I read really caught my attention because if we called Workplace Chaplains ‘Emergency Services for the Soul’ it would explain how crucial the role can be sometimes.

Of course, many Workplace Chaplains would say this is too strong a description and it does of course depend on the industry, but how do we know the impact of our listening ear, or our support? We often don’t know how our words or actions can guide or heal, and it is something to remember for all of us (chaplains and non-chaplains!)

However, in this article I read about a ‘non-religious pastoral carer’ and the person in question (appointed by Humanists UK who were looking for people to provide support to people from a non-religious perspective) described chaplaincy as ‘in the moment’ and I summarise this sentiment below:

It’s not counselling – I don’t grapple with people’s pasts
It’s not coaching – I’m not focusing on the future all the time
My role is about the present: walking alongside someone, briefly, and helping them stay upright and balanced.

Are you helping others to stay upright and balanced? Are you walking alongside them?

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