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Welcome to Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy.

We work to promote the concept of workplace chaplaincy and support the chaplains who offer this service across Cambridgeshire.

What is Chaplaincy?

Most people feel that they have a spiritual nature which impacts their daily lives.

Chaplaincy aims to meet the pastoral and spiritual needs of people, recognising:

Our mission is to:

Support workplace Chaplains of all faiths across Cambridge, Peterborough and surrounding areas in their work of meeting the pastoral and spiritual needs of people in work settings of all kinds, whether commercial, public or voluntary sector.

We do this through a programme of networking events; regular communications, and providing signposting to information such as training or regulatory changes. Any chaplain working in our geographical area is welcome to use our services without formal membership or payment.

Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy cooperates with other organisations to promote chaplaincy services across Cambridgeshire.

Workplace Chaplaincy is about looking after the pastoral and spiritual needs of anyone in a work setting (including those in self-employment) who may find the presence of a chaplain helpful, whether to talk about personal issues, employee or management challenges or their spiritual quest.

Our aim is promote the recognition of chaplaincy and its value to society and individuals; to support chaplains in practical and spiritual ways; and to bring them together as a community from time to time.


Chair: Mr Alastair Ure Reid

Vice Chair: Paul Hills

Vice Chair: Clive Morton

Trustee with Financial responsibility: Thak Patel

Trustee: Michael Page

Trustee: Mary Hanna

Development/Admin Assistant: Jane Thompson

Financial advisor: Peter Thatcher

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